The Cat ‘n the Rat


Starting the Women’s MeetUp group has reminded me all over again the wonder that we can be so alike as women, and so different all at the same time!  Such is the beauty of friendships.

I used to have a neighbor who sat on his porch all day and smoked.  That is literally all he did!  He was a crusty old guy, prided himself on “hating people”, as if it were an art form!  People like that intrigue me, so I befriended him and learned that once some of the “crusty” was chipped away, underneath it all was a wounded soul just like the rest of us.  

One afternoon he called me over, and told me this amazing story:  As he sat on his porch, he watched as a neighborhood cat moseyed up to the storm drain in the curbside of the road.  She sniffed around, looked back and forth, and then, as if trying to make her way by stealth, she slipped into the storm drain to sit on the ledge inside.

About that time, a rat came shuffling down the gutter, heading straight for the storm drain!  She was in for a big surprise when she arrived, only to be pounced upon by Ms. Cat!  Sure enough, into the storm drain Ms. Rat went, yet there did not appear to be a scuffle, as there was no cat or rat distress sounds to be heard.  Soon, as predictable, Ms. Cat emerged with evident victory seemingly won over her long-tailed intruder!  Down the gutter she sauntered, and once around the corner, stopped, sat down, and looked over at the storm drain.  

In a moment, to the amazement of my neighbor, Ms. Rat climbed out of the drain, all intact and acting as if nothing had transpired down there except perhaps a shared cup of tea!

Well, here is the truly amazing part of the story ~ one you will find hard to believe, but truth is stranger than fiction, as they say!  Ms. Rat walked up the gutter path, met up with Ms. Cat, and …side by side walked down the road!  No one had told them that they weren’t supposed to get along!  So, without any prejudice, they merely assumed a friendship!  No rules, no upper society and gutter-rat mentality, just two creatures who happened upon each other and shared their day, walking side-by-side to arrive at the same place, eventually.

Some days I feel like Ms. Cat, well put together, moseying through my day.  And some days, I feel more like Ms. Rat, when my attitude is in the gutter.  I am always reminded that I tend to be a little of both, from day to day.  How about you?  Is today a day that you can be Ms. Cat, and wait for Ms. Rat to catch up with you, so that together you can enjoy the moment?

 Or is today the day that you feel like Ms. Rat, and need your friend to pull you up out of the storm drain, and share her dance  in the women friends b and w in streamsunshine?

There is frienship to be found in the craziest places ~ 


About Rebecca Lamarche

Excited to have my book out! My new release: I Borrowed David's Harp - Available now on Amazon I have a couple of other new pages, so check it out! More About Me Spirit Alive Women MeetUp with SpiritALIVEAUSTINWomen! "fill your life with faith, love, and adventure!" 503.975.7979

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