Here is one of the poems from my “being-published” Journal Book. I am told that it will be out by Fall on Amazon and in bookstores for the Christmas shopping season ~ a great stocking stuffer!

I am a poet who writes from (metaphorically) the hillsides of King David. Most of my poetry rhymes ~ probably the musician in me that needs the even tempo of the poem’s rhythm. Nonetheless, it is my worship from the heart, so I hope that it gives you a glimpse of who I am underneath the cowboy hat and lipstick! I am a lover of the Lover of my soul, Jesus!

I would cherish your honest comments. Oh, yes, I am writing under my maiden name! Here’s a sample taste…

FLIRTING WONDERS by Rebecca Lamarche (Voigt)

Your Holy Spirit, Lord, is like the rain, refreshing deserts,
Like April dew on dampened blades of grass;
You’re like the stars that flicker in the clear skies of August
So the heavens light fond memories of those passed.

With faith steadfast in believing there are miracles to come,
You enfold my yearning heart like hand in glove,
Much like snowfall, pure and silent, when it blankets winters meadow ~
Is the mystery of Your abiding love.

Your every thought is on me every hour, every moment,
How I need the peace that’s only found in You!
So you paint the canvas of my daily life with flirting wonders
So in pleasure You might give me strength anew.

My Life Title Shot


Averi & the choco chip cookies

I have posted my granddaughter and her view of life for us all to be reminded of just how many sweet choices we have every day!  Leave the dishes in the sink for the afternoon and enjoy the chocolate chip cookies that are right under your nose.

I am the cookie lady.  I love nothing more than surprising a neighbor, the trash man, the checker at HEB, the front office…with freshly home-baked cookies.  Not the pre-made from the store batter, either, but the recipe that worked for Grandma when we took time to do for others.  Real butter, lots of chocolate chips, and love sweeter than the brown sugar to let my “peeps” know how much they bless my days.  I keep fresh cookie dough in the fridge at all times.  That way I am always only 8-10 minutes at 350* away from delighting someone, which delights me even more!

It is major self-discipline to keep a spoonful from escaping the fridge and melting onto my taste buds during the day!  I love cookie dough ~ more than the cookies themselves, perhaps!

What about you?  What is your favorite kind of cookie?  Do you like the dough on a spoon or the cookie fresh from the oven?

Well, some blogger I am turning out to be…


Let’s see, since my last update I have turned a year older, been in ER twice and taught over 100 kids piano lessons! Whew!  That does not count walking the dog or the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt & lunch,  the laundry or …

But, I think I am the only person I know who has a dog who does not want me to miss the fun!  He took a bag of chocolate covered Easter Eggs and “hid” them in my pillow!

Well, this blogger has some reading to do, some work to do, and some dog walking to do.



makin’ it write is not so easy for this 50something blonde-from-a-box girlfriend…


Well, after another hour+ session with my V-E-R-Y  P-A-T-I-E-N-T daughter Jacque (yes, another…) I think I may have my blog under some control!  She said, as we turned the corner into the 2nd hour,  that Averi was awake and beginning to fuss for her supper.  Hmmm…was that a polite way of saying she has a headache from my ineptness?  I think, actually, that I AM her headache!  Perhaps that was the reason for the email from her some time ago: …”hey mom, here is some info on computer classes in your area…”   I may be slow on learning computer skills, but I have mastered the art of taking a hint!  LOL – She’s my doll! Though I am grateful for social medias, cellphones and Skype,  my heart’s desire was to have my family live and love within arms reach, to babysit my darling granddaughter and hear her giggles and coos, to enjoy the monotony of daily-days and the sweetness of laughter and a hug now and then.  But somehow life seemed to happen in the middle of my other plans!  So at times, my arms ache with longing and my heart aches with the divisive geography that makes it 80* here in Austin, 85* for Dave in Arizona, 45* and (of course!) raining for Josh in the Northwest and for my blog tutor ~ 30* amid snow with the lingering of winter in upstate New York.

In the meantime, the near-80* Texas afternoon sun has shifted, casting longer shadows and whispering in the breeze that evening is nearing.  It’s gentle breathing over the blooming geraniums and newborn leaves on trees sways and orchestrates a symphony of wind chimes to accompany the singing birds throughout the neighborhood.  Soon, with a silent change of venue, the cloudless blue sky will deepen into dark, decorated with stars to light the sky as if it were Christmas in March! Ah!  How I do love Austin nights!  Gunner and I can never resist the beckoning to enjoy a mommy-doggie bonding time ~ a walk through the blocks of sleepy houses, lulled to peace by mother nature’s nurturing ambiance.

How my day slipped away…stealing with it much of Jacque’s afternoon in the slippery slope of another lesson for Mom on the computer!